Exporting Auto spare parts to Sri Lanka


Ernest Trading Co. established in 1994, has had a long standing history in Japan going back for over forty years. As of 2010 we have expanded our business portfolio to include exporting automobile spare parts from Japan to Sri Lanka and other countries. It is one of our core trading industries and we export parts from all the leading car manufacturers such as Honda, Suzuki, Toyota etc.

Ranked as one of the best in automobile industry worldwide, japan is noted as a leader in the industry and Sri Lanka is one of the largest importers of spare parts from Japan. Due to their reliability and quality there is confidence and wide spread demand for Japanese vehicles and spare parts in Sri Lanka.

We recently facilitated the export of Genuine Toyota Land Cruiser spare parts from Japan to clients in Sri Lanka and are capable of facilitating the export of genuine spares for all leading Japanese manufacturers and models.

If you are looking to expand your business into the automobile sector, our expertise would be invaluable. India and Sri Lanka have been identified as rapidly expanding economies with fast growing consumer markets, with our twenty six plus years in the field we will be able to guide you through any obstacles faced in the process of expanding into these markets.



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