Your Gateway to Doing Business in India and Sri Lanka
As one of the fastest growing markets in the world, the consumer demand in India and Sri Lanka are set to grow in the years to come thanks in part to their increasing populations and rapid economic growth.
Facilitating your business expansion to these new and emerging markets, our services are geared to help you combat the various cultural and practical obstacles companies encounter when branching out. From basics such as setting up a local franchise to hiring local talent and crunching numbers, our support services are designed to be a focal part in your success in the region.

Finding Consumer Markets for Your Products
Are you struggling to find buyers from your products or are you looking for new markets to break into? With a keen understanding of the challenges of exploring new business horizons overseas, we are here to simplify your expansion process by taking care of all the minor details. From completing the right paperwork to paying duties and finding solid local corporate resources, our legacy as a trading partner for Japanese businesses will let you set the tone for achieving brand recognition overseas.

Our Areas of Expertise
Having facilitated the export of Aluminium scrap to India, Earnest Trading Co. has also delved into exporting printing paper to India and Sri Lanka as well as exporting spare parts for Japanese machinery. Some of our clients include Mitsubishi Paper, and the renonwed Kawashima Group. Our import legacy, on the other hand, include helping Indian and Sri Lankan businesses export Hindustan Zinc and spice pastes to Japan.